NECROMANCY: Entombed Are All Those​.​.​. (Demo 1993)

by Wolveshelm Productions


I've had some problems with the audio, I'll get these tracks up as soon as I fix them.

Entombed are all those who witnessed: The very first recordings of Necromancy (Pre-VAHRZAW) from 1993.
These recordings were salvaged off a 20 year old cheap cassette and are the only ones to feature the 4 founding members.
Very primitive & amateur but you have to start somewhere!
Distributed via dubbed cassettes in unknown minimal numbers.
'Void' is the very first track the band ever wrote, it was later re-written and titled 'Kingdom of Darkness'.

Maryvale Rehearsal 1: Tracks 1-5

Line up:

George Van Doorn: Bass/Vocals
Scott Williams: Guitar
Scott Rowland: Drums (Tracks 1,2,4,5)
Eric Latina: Drums (Track 3)

Maryvale Rehearsal 2: Tracks 6-8

Line up:

George Van Doorn: Bass/Vocals
Scott Williams: Guitar
Steven Forster: Guitar
Scott Rowland: Drums


released January 1, 1993



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